Why is home multi-risk insurance essential?

homeYou have found your new apartment and come to the much-feared step of home insurance. Yes, we can quickly find ourselves lost in all these offers with different clauses, prices and full of complex elements. We will help you to see more clearly.

You should know that housing weighs heavily on the family budget. Whether it is the payment of rent, the decor, the purchase of furniture, electronic devices, we all seek to save money but insurance is essential and can give us a big boost in case of disaster.

Home insurance in a nutshell, what is it?

The home insurance covers the damage that is caused to your home and your property present in it in case of disaster. She also has a cover for your civil liability.

By this insurance, you will be more serene since the goods you rent are insured. When we talk about goods, we talk about all types; Whether it’s your home, your cellar, your garage or all other premises. Thanks to the multi-risk home insurance, you will be protected against damage caused either to the building or to your neighbors. Situations can be a fire, a water damage or an explosion.

It is therefore mandatory to subscribe to a home/liability insurance when you move into your home. In order to justify your insurance subscription to your landlord, you must present him with a certificate of insurance. If you do not do this, your contract may be terminated and you may be deported.

Your real estate and home insurance

They constitute the largest part of the capital covered by the most basic home insurance. To ensure the best, you can ensure the total value to pay zero cents in case of disaster.

You own? Remember to check in your home insurance contract that there is no limit on the refundable amount.

The reasons why you must buy home insurance

  • First of all, many home insurance companies that exist on the market, so you have the choice. So you can select the insurance that suits you the most according to your status (owner, tenant, non-occupying owner) as well as compensation.
  • Certain formulas allow you to have a replacement to nine of your furniture in case of disaster and this, whatever their “age”.
  • You will be covered against damage to your home and your property being inside (your furniture, your electronics.)
  • Liability: Yes, the insurer will compensate the victim if you are liable for damage, whether you own or rent. For example, if you are the owner and you have caused damage to your tenant or a third party, it will be your insurer who will compensate. In the situation where you are a tenant, it will be the same if you have caused damage to the property of the housing you rent or to a third party. Again, your insurer will compensate the victim, in this case, the owner.
    Most of the time, home multi-risk insurance includes legal protection insurance and assistance guarantees.

What does it cover?


damaged houseYour windows are one of the most important parts of the home. The first step is to have high-quality window blinds that last a long time. The Perfect Fit system is recommended for this. Perfect fit blinds come in Pleated, Roller, Blackout and Venetian blinds. When you spend a lot of money on these shades you will want to make sure they are insured. That’s why homeowners insurance is essential.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters happen. Floods, earthquakes, tornados and more are all possible depending on where you live. Make sure your home is insured so that you don’t have to deal with this.


Overall it is well worth the investment to get homeowners insurance for the reasons we discussed. Make sure to invest in a reliable company today.


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